Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sharing Homeschooling tips and Hermit Crab update...

I didn't really update the homeschool tab today, I really sort of made it useful, at least I hope so.
I added some book lists and some tips and supplies that I've come up with and more importantly tips from other homeschoolers that have become absolutes in our home. I don't believe I could survive teaching 2nd grade to our son without some of these timely solutions, I've had to adapt some of them, but I wouldn't want to be without them now. I am so grateful for some of the blogs that I have come across and used so much over the past year, some of my favorites are Confessions of a Homeschooler , Homeschool Creations , Heart of the Matter and Light, Liberty and Learning . My thanks goes out to these ladies for sharing with other homeschoolers, especially those of us starting out on this journey which can be very scary.

Not really anything else today other than the Hermit Crabs are all set up.....

LOL....honestly the hermit crabs do not have a computer keyboard in their tank, that's just a reflection.....really it is!

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