Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hermit Crabs, Smile.ly - something new to try and trying to figure things out...

 Well, its been interesting again!
Remember that Hermit Crab I wrote about, the one Red Ranger picked up in Wildwood, NJ?
Guess what...hermit crab's take a lot more care than you are led to believe on the boardwalk, A LOT more care. I suppose that I should be ashamed at not knowing that they required more attention than I've (and probably you) have been led to believe, but I really, really didn't know.
First off, hermit crabs are NOT hermit's. Keeping only one is really cruel because they should be in at least pairs or more. Second, they do not do well in those little habitat cages, containers and whatnot. They need real aquariums with temperature and humidity controlled, they need fresh water and sea water (don't use table salt to make sea water, it will kill them), they need playtime with other hermit crabs and also with the caregivers (in this case The Red Ranger and me!), they need better food than just pellets (some fruits and veggies), and they must be kept clean, be allowed to burrow (so that stinking aquarium gravel is not good for them).
WHO KNEW???!!!
Not us that's for sure but now we do, thankfully I'm anal enough (shut-up DH of mine) (AND for that matter ANY of my close friends that wish to comment on that!) to have looked up their care as soon as we got home that night. Did you know they can live 30+ years?? Shocked...I sure was!
So, we are well on our way to a total commitment to two hermit crabs...Little Guy and Mister, so much for an easy pet!! LOL!!

I've also tried to make seeing recent posts on the various pages of this blog easier to find, well at least once you are here. On the top right you will not see "recent posts on our pages", this way if I don't happen to post to our "Everyday Life" but I do to our "Homeschooling" tab you can at least see it right away when you visit. You can of course still "follow" the pages individually as following one doesn't mean you will get the updates from the others. Sigh...and I thought blogging would be easy......
I've also added a "Reading" page and will at some point get that "Cooking" one going as well as adding my "Scrapbooking" to it. My poor scrapbook materials miss me so much, but once we started homeschooling scrapbooking got set aside. 

Hopefully the following will at least be a fun diversion for me.

Testing Products:
Today was the first day that I got an email for a test product from Smile.ly, you can click on the Smile.ly link here and join up yourself, I'm excited about giving this all a try. Basically its this Smile.ly members get inside and exclusive looks at new brands, new products, and new online content. They send you products and you write reviews of them and give feedback. My first one will be for Ideal® No Calorie Sweetener, I'll let you know how it is once I receive it. 

Oh and I've posted today on both the new "Reading" tab and "Homeschooling" one. 

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