Saturday, August 28, 2010

Waning days of summer and homeschooling....

The end of summer (officially for most) is almost here, we haven't done as much school work as I expected us too but we got some in (check the homeschooling tab for the posting) and we've enjoyed some time at the shore and The Red Ranger came home with a new pet......

This is Little Guy......oddly enough he will fit in perfectly with our ocean studies.
We enjoyed a party over a friend's house for Kung Zhu's (Zhu zhu pets for boys) and have an upcoming one with Nano Hexbugs, something which looks to fit in with homeschooling.
We are waiting for everyone else to go back to school, sorry, so that we can enjoy all those places that are just too packed during the summer. We'll make day trips down to the shore during the week and we have some museums to visit during the first couple of weeks of Sept. hopefully before most schools can set up field trips. Depending on DH's schedule and the weather, Sept. 7th, the day the kids go back to school we will play hooky.....yeah hooky....its not just for brick and mortar schools you know! We are either heading for Wildwood, NJ or Chuck E Cheese, we are also hoping to make our local Not Back To School picnic the first week of school as well, its being held at one of our favorite parks, Red Bank Battlefield in National Park, NJ.  A place where we held lots of picnic's for the playgroup I ran and plenty of history lessons to be had there as well along with river studies and transportation/aviation studies as its right on the Delaware River and across from Philadelphia International Airport.....lots of boats and planes.
Hopefully the routine will start soon and I'll get to posting more during the weeks but for right now DH has Sunday, Monday and Thursday off this coming week so we will simply enjoy those days.
Hoping that my Usborne books start to take off soon. I held one mystery hostess online party in August but it didn't do as well as I expected. The one lady that wanted to order from me didn't, I ordered books for The Red Ranger's studies and I did get a surprise web order but not exactly what I was hoping for.

Hope you enjoy the end of summer and we'll see you next week!!

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  1. See, as much as you hate that it's something else Red Ranger wants, you love these parties I'm winning.