Friday, September 3, 2010

Little one is sick but we had a homeschool triumph.....

The Red Ranger is sick...:-(

Some nasty virus that has given him a fever and laryngitis so its going to be a rough couple of days. 
However, we had two triumphs yesterday. One was while waiting to be seen in the clinic our son did some of his spelling words, I just think that's so cool! His brain really wasn't in to it but he did about three of them, me saying them and him writing them down. 
Now comes mommy's triumph...a few weeks ago and I'll have to find the blog again to post the link, I read a blog about how we as homeschooling parents give our children the "shame" of being homeschooled. I can't tell you how many times I have hesitated, my husband has or The Red Ranger himself when asked about "what school do you go to?". We as parents know the stigma attached to it and our son, as all kids do, learn from our actions. So the poor Red Ranger would feel ashamed of saying "I'm homeschooled". 
Well, no more.....this mommy yesterday when asked by a few fellow customers in Walgreen's proudly said "We homeschool so it really doesn't matter. As long as he's better on Tuesday when all the other kids go back to school and we go to Chuck E Cheese instead" when they commented on him being sick right before school started. (Is that cheers I hear?!)
My son took notice even in his weakened state and when he was directly asked about school 3 more times he lifted his head and said "I'm homeschooled". (I hear more cheers right?)

This was HUGE for us and it probably would be for so many homeschoolers out there. 
We made the right decision for our son and for us...period. 
We don't agree with the way the school system herds the kids, we don't agree with many of the value's that they are teaching. More and more each day, month and year now as we see other families deal with issues in schools. This was not our plan, homeschooling, but it is the way we do things now. Will it change, possibly. At first the thought of homeschooling was scary and still is at times, I'm much more confidant this year and I'm planning more than we did as we need more structure in our 2nd grade year. Our new systems are working well and have eliminated the constant "How much do we have to do?", "How much longer?", "Are we done yet?" questions that used to frustrate both of us. Will we continue past third or fourth grade? I really don't know. Once we started on this I figured I would do this for a year or two and then send him back to public school (basically when I think I won't be able to teach him any longer, my failing not his). I figured by then we would be in a house instead of an apartment, be in a better school district (mind you thought that the school district that we had problems with is supposed to be one of the best in the state and that the school he went to was the best). We'll take those questions as they come...for now we homeschool and are proud of it.....and that is as it should be.

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