Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Update; So much and so little time...

Hello again, remember me?

Bet you don't.
Let me do a fast update. Because there have been major events in our lives.


Right after my last post way back in Jan. of 2009 we took our son out of the public school system (kindergarten) and I began the treacherous ( I only say that because if you aren't planning on it, its a big adjustment) homeschooling life we now live. I never dreamed I would be homeschooling our son but circumstances led us to doing exactly that. One day I will post the reason's why and so on but all I can say now is that it has been one of the best decisions we have ever made...who knew??


While my son and I were getting used to the idea of homeschooling and our routines, my husband's health took a scary turn. In Nov. 09 I took him to the ER and was told he had one possibly two hours of life left. He had a DKA, a diabetic episode, he was in Intensive care isolation (which scared me even more) for a long time. He now gets three insulin shots per day and I've learned a lot about sugar and how to make sure is levels per day are regulated. Lots of home cooking and baking, more than ever actually, and I've learned how to make my own breads, pizza dough and so on.
Its been a long hard road financially, emotionally for all three of us but we are finally feeling like our heads are above the water instead of us struggling to breathe.


We are finally getting back on track or should I say a completely different path from where we were before. We still have some major things to fix but are on an upswing I believe (knock on wood!). Between the economy tanking in this country to our own emergencies during the same time period it was like getting hit from both sides with tidal waves, bit of overkill on the cosmic force scale but its not like I have control over the cosmos (if only?!).

So, please check out the other pages of my blog as I start them. There's a homeschooling one and a scrapbooking one (although the scrapbooking is way BEHIND the back seat anymore) and possibly a diabetes and/or cooking one to come.

Thanks for stopping by, do drop in again.......

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  1. Found your blog from a fellow member of the Homeschool Crew. I look forward to hearing how your homeschooling is going.
    Very scary about your husband! I pray he is doing well now.

    I am following your blog. :)