Friday, July 30, 2010

Changing things around

I seem to be having a difficult week and I'm severely challenged with anything associated with technology this week as well. Yesterday, I just turned off the computer......yes, yes I know it was drastic but this triangle of the computer, world wide web and life we're just not working well together.
So, we headed for the 'time-out' chair.
The three of us pouted, dragged our feet and one of us, not mentioning any names but it had 3 w's even stamped feet. One took a nap after it got unplugged and the other one pouted the rest of the day. We all thought today would be better but this here blog we have is giving the three of us problems today and we aren't happy about it! Our homeschooling page is a mess of different text's, there's bold type mixed in with regular and for some reason which escapes the three of us.....ALL capitals on one entire post!! We finally gave up on trying to fix that post so we apologize in advance for the shouting on the homeschooling page, its not you, its us.....sigh. Then we couldn't get the tab pages to work properly for posting in individual subjects or get the comments working on each subject tab......are you starting to get the picture? LOL!
The world wide web and I think we have resolved some of the issues but the computer has its doubts. You may see some strange things on the pages over the next couple of days while we do surgery on the components of the blog (I said blog, not you computer). It's (there you go a work in progress.......but we will not give up or be beaten in the long run. I make no promises on the short term however.
What a week! Enjoy your weekend and be sure to check our homeschool page on Monday for our curriculum and the homeschool blog hop.

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