Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New friends....

My darling son is all excited and has been driving us crazy since we got him home from school today. He has a friend at school, "J" who is in 1st grade (The Red Ranger is in kindergarten), "J" has taken The Red Ranger under his wing, looks out for him and our son has been calling him 'his best buddy'!
They get along so well, I pick The Red Ranger up after school as does "J's" mom and I've met her a couple of times through school things we were both working. Today, my son asked "J" to come over sometime for a playdate and a sleep-over. Its the first friend from school he's even thought of asking. He wants to have "J" play on his team in football against Daddy and race cars on the playstation. "J's" mom and I were talking about going to McDonald's afterschool one day and then we'll have to have them over and "J's" mom said she would have us over as well.
I'm so glad to see him making a friend totally on his own and the friend adoring him as well. Its a whole new frontier for me, I've always known who he was playing with and everything about them from the playgroup, but now The Red Ranger is developing his own life outside of mommy's eye. Its exciting and weird at the same time.
My baby is growing up so fast......


  1. They do grow up fast - don't they.

  2. I'm happy for him. Some of the best friends you have are the ones you meet when you are young and grow up with. It sounds like you are on the way to having a new friend too. I'm happy for you and I wish you all the best. You just can't have to many friends.
    Big hugs, Sandy

  3. It is exciting but I know what you mean about growing up so quickly. You blink and it's amazing what has happened.