Monday, January 5, 2009

Its back to school time!! Update on my Project 365...AND the economy!

Thankfully today was the day my son went back to school after what seemed like a VERY LONG vacation. It was VERY quiet while he was in school......really, really quiet. Its kinda hard to get back into the routine.
All in all it was a good day, I've remembered to take all of my pictures each day since the 1st of January for Project 365 and I'm about to start the first Layout from the first 4 days. It actually is a bit hard each and everyday to think to take an everyday picture of your life, yesterday was easy, my son was blowing kisses at me through the car window and since I'm carrying my camera with me at all times for this project I snapped a fast picture. Today's picture was simply him lying on the couch with his sheet and pillow exhausted from going back to school.

I'm also keeping a little pocket size marble composition book to jot down my thoughts, notes about the moment the picture was taken. I can write notes for each day and then flip the book over and write on the back to get days 1-99 in one whole book, the first page being dedicated to ideas on the cover page and what I'm going to call, the title, to this whole endeavour. I can also write at the bottom of the page what my ideas are for the layouts each week. This way when its time to journal on the pages I'll know what was going on or what I want to say about each picture.
Other than that life if pretty quiet for a change, which we desperately need. I'm getting better but being sick over Christmas really took a lot out of me and it was a real shame that The Red Ranger wasn't feeling well on Christmas Eve. Poor little guy.

Now for a couple of things I read today online:

The state of the economy is just plain criminal.
And there is one person to blame for it all. The guy currently in the White House, the outgoing president!
Today I read that a company that holds three of the finest names in china history has filed for bankruptcy. The Irish company that has Wedgwood, Waterford Crystal and Royal Daulton China is in trouble. If anything could withstand this sort of thing I would have imagined they would be the ones to do it.
I also see that the news pieces are now FINALLY saying that we are in the worst recession since the Great Depression......good grief we knew that a year ago!! But in all that time they have hinted, hedged around it, played with wording...but never came out and said yep this is yet.....
until now!

So what is the legacy of the 2nd Bush to be president:
Not only has he ruined this country, he has managed to ruin the whole world.
Great work there....I guess he wanted to be remembered past his father....well he's done it.
He has actually gotten the whole world to the state of another Depression, not a recession, but a Depression. I hope he and all of his rich cronies that put him in office in the first place are very happy to ruin the entire infrastructure of the United States and make us even more vulnerable than we have been in decades. Then again....that was probably the whole idea in the first place.

Honestly, its sounding more and more like the show I've watched called Jericho each and every day. No wonder I loved the show, I'm watching it happen in real life.

Okay, sorry I vented. But someone has to be incensed about all of this.
And, believe me....I am!
I sure hope that our new president can get us out of this as soon as possible. Its going to be a hard thing to do and he's going to have to do it quickly because people are desperate. Crime is going up and its going to get worse.

I'm not going to hold my breath.....but I truly hope for the best.

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