Friday, January 2, 2009

A surprise package today....

Well we got a big surprise today, presents from a very bad friend of mine in the Boston area.

Yes, I sure did say bad...because she really shouldn't have!!!!
The Red Ranger got the coolest set for him and Daddy to build......

He can't wait to put it together!

DH got a snuggly pair of slippers that massage his feet, perfect after being on his feet for so many hours. As for me.......she's so bad, she really is.........feeding one of my biggest obsessions....

My Boyz, a 2009 calendar and the two new singles and the concert video. Like I said SHE'S BAD!! Although The Red Ranger says she's good because she sent presents........hmmmmmm. So, the first picture with The Red Ranger sitting next to the presents will be for Project 365.

On another note I decided to take pictures tonight while making one of DH's favorite meals.

The sauce is homemade. I make a huge pot of meatballs and then use the rest of the sauce for my homemade pizza's and for making chicken parm. The rest gets frozen for future dinners. It ends up being very economical.

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