Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In a cooking mood today....

I have absolutely no idea why but I wanted to cook today. It could have been because it was cold, rainy and getting dark at 4pm or maybe it was just that I was staring at a package of ground turkey and had no idea what I was going to make.

So, what else do you do when you don't know what to make and its cold and dreary.

Simple, you make soup!

I started off making a vegetable beef (well turkey) soup, DH had asked for a really good soup just the other day and then realized as I was breaking up the ground turkey into the pot that there was just too much ground turkey for one meal. So, I made stroganoff as well. Two dinners completed, so NO cooking for me tomorrow other than mixing up rolls to have with our soup.

We had the stroganoff tonight because soup is always better the next day.
Here's tonight's dinner:

I had to improvise and DH loved it so much he said he would have paid for that meal. (grin) I actually let this ground turkey cook in the pot for the soup so I cooked the entire package in one pot. Used a frozen container of tomato juice from a can of plum tomatoes, left over from making my spaghetti sauce, melted it in the pot with chicken broth and added all my seasonings. Oncethe meat was cooked I took slightly more than half to make the stroganoff.

I then combined the cooked ground turkey in the skillet with a jar of beef gravy and then doctored it up with 1 packet of Newman's Own Ranch Dressing left over from my McD's salad and then sprinkled some grated parmesan and romano cheeses into the pan. Cooked up some rice instead of noodles and with a nice side garden salad with mixed veggies on top and your choice of dressing its a very filling meal.

Now, here's tomorrow's dinner.
Although DH sampled it tonight!

After I removed some of the ground turkey for the stroganoff, I added 1 package of frozen soup veggies (baby carrots, peas and sugar snaps), 1 can of creamed corn, 1 cup of rice and seasoned again to taste. Now, tomorrow all I have to do is mix up my package of Tastefully Simple Biscuits and dinner is DONE.

In this day and age of having to start making things stretch even further than before. I did really well, two dinners and even a couple of lunches from one package of ground turkey. Two really good hearty meals for cold weather.
Considering that I'm ahead maybe I'll bake something tomorrow. DH is off from work which means he will take The Red Ranger to the bus stop, I just have to get him ready for school and he will pick him up when school is done. So, maybe I'll bake.
And....can I just tell you how great this house smelled tonight!

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