Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reviewing the movie "Eat, Pray, Love"

Tonight my husband and I didn't bother watching regular TV but instead opted for one of our queued movies on our Netflix account. We get Netflix through our Wii for $10 a month so we can stream lots of movies and tv shows directly to our television or any computer in the house, we also get DVD's mailed to us from our selected list. We're finding that we are enjoying this way of viewing much better than cable so we are beginning to downgrade our cable services through Comcast......which gives me quite a bit of joy!
It just seems to me that if I have over 300 channels I should be watching more than reruns of Charmed, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons and NCIS.....seriously, most of the time that's what I'm watching, shouldn't I be getting more to watch for my (combined with phone and internet) $146 a month?? 

So, tonight we opted for the movie "Eat, Pray, Love" starring Julia Roberts. I have to give my husband lots of credit for sitting through it because I was getting quite bored with it and I had previously read the book. I didn't like the movie at all and it still leaves me with the same feelings that the book did when I read it with our reading group. The author was self-centered, spoiled, selfish, indulgent and really not that interesting, so was Julia Roberts in the movie....boring.....
Now, there were a few parts that did speak to me somewhat...the part where she says "I don't want life to be easy but just not so hard", that one I get and I understand having to find yourself and mediation....however, she really didn't suffer all that much which is shown in maybe the only really good part of the movie with another person trying to find his way. He suffered greatly and really did have to find himself, forgive himself and live again. The author Liz, pretty much woke up one day and decided she didn't want to be married anymore....yes, it does play out that simply...I didn't feel any emotions at all when she has her big moment and decides to leave her husband. Really could care less about her and her selfish ways.
After her big moment she flounders a bit and then decides that what she needs is to indulge herself to find herself by going to three different countries...Italy-India-Bali for a whole year and writing about it (the book) to pay her way through it all. I will say that the book offered a bit more depth to the story and Julia in the movie was just not that good. I would say its most likely the worst role she has ever done. I remember when we read the book it was okay and I kept the book instead of passing it on and I'm thinking that I might go back and reread it to see if I still have the same feelings about the whole story. My guess is I probably will still feel...well...angry about it now I think. This woman felt as if she had the worst life, that things were just awful and in reality, in my opinion, she didn't have it so bad. I went through far worse with my first marriage and divorce, my husband now certainly had it worse with his first marriage and divorce and my uncle right now is undergoing chemo and its been a bad road before that with his cancer. I know a few people that have lost family members, close friends - including us - I know one woman who lost her child and they all have gone through so much more than the author did before she checked out to find herself.

The reaction tonight with the movie was one of anger because I bought her book and she made money off of me for a not so interesting story. My feeling is she should have pulled up her bootstraps, buckled down and fought through things like the rest of us have to do all the time instead of running away for a year in four month installments of Italy for eating, India for meditating and Bali for.......well you know what....I'm not really sure of what Bali was supposed to be about right now.....that tells you how much I liked it if nothing else.

I really just don't care, I really wish now that I could get a refund on my book from her which is really very sad because I usually always get something from a book. Thankfully I didn't have to go to the movie theater and pay to see it because I really would have been miffed about it.

Sorry, for the venting...I just had to get this one off of my chest tonight.

My advice is to skip the movie all together...maybe read the book if you love reading. I would love to hear others feelings on the movie and book...maybe I'm all alone in my feelings. But, know what...if the author can make money from her story/book than I think I can certainly write how I feel about it....sadly though....there will be no money in it for me......

So, I'll just pull up my own bootstraps and go to bed!
Tomorrow I'll share our 4H Nature Club experience with our'll want to read it....really....

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