Sunday, January 23, 2011

Okay...Life....Uncle already!

Remember that stress free life I was going to have......

I'm still trying to find it...meanwhile those wrenches and other assorted tools keep getting thrown in our out! That was a hammer I'm sure of it! If I see a chainsaw I'm going back to bed....
The good thing about all of this is how I'm personally handling it (I think), I'm trying to not get as upset as I used to. I'm succeeding more times than not....that's a plus, right? I'm determined though, okay except for the chainsaw...I have my limits, so I keep plugging along. I'd scream sometimes but my voice still hasn't come back all the way from being sick, and just what the he-double hockey sticks WAS this bug we had anyway. The Red Ranger bounced back okay even though it really got to him too but my husband and I....Uncle, Uncle, UNCLE!

Let's see right now I'm working on finding the rest of the house after holidays and being sick for months. Even purchased more plastic drawers for the ever expanding homeschool piles. Bought clothes for The Red Ranger because he's 8 next month and 51" tall.....that's 4'3"....just one foot shorter than his mother here!! He is now out of the car seat! Where is this right in the world?! Where is my baby?! Do you realize I can't even reach back now and tickle knee-caps at traffic lights? Yet, another fun thing taken away from mom...jeez....what did I do, anyway? I'm trying to decide about a Thomas Jefferson Education for our son, so I'm reading up on it but I've sorta added some aspects already such as the reading of classics's. You can read more about that over on the Reading tab. Red Ranger went to Lowe's this Saturday and did another project which we then went over to his friend's house to play with, along with numerous other things. We loved spending the day at our friend's house, it was relaxing and enjoyable.
We have been watching Lily & Hope again this winter and there are (at last count last night) 2 more baby bear cubs in the den. Thankfully, sort of, I missed the birth's this time because last year when little Hope was born I was grunting and groaning for Lily, poor thing all alone in a dark, cold den having her baby all alone. The Red Ranger loves checking in on them and hearing the cubs, he's even started to name them (Bruce and Rocko) but I tried explaining that we don't know yet if the new cubs are boy's or girl's or one of each.
There has been so much going on that I can't even think of it all to post just boggles the mind.

I'm tired and weary and this Twister like path of destruction in front of me is getting a bit old BUT my attitude is better...that's half the battle right?!
So now off I go to organize homeschool stuff yet again, back to lesson's, take care of the hermit crabs, our cats inside and the poor feral ones outside, wait...was that a chainsaw going by? Is my bed calling me back?
Darn it.....nope guess not, back to my, dinner plans (what the devil am I making?), etc., etc., and so on....

Hope everyone has a lovely day!
We sure are going to try!!!

The Red Ranger and Kid Jedi
Over at Kid Jedi's house playing with the Lowe's project they made



  1. I have never laughed so hard...

    You have to be feeling better after writing that. What a way to be real and transparent. I love it!

    I'm praying next week has more ups and less tools being thrown in the mix for you. Thank you so very much for linking up to A Day In Our Life Blog Hop. Blessings!

  2. First off, great photos, I'm a picture freak as my kids like to call me :)

    Second, yes it's definitely different if you are succeeding MORE OFTEN THAN NOT!!! Congrats!! You go girl!!

    Oh how the kids grow...too fast, don't you think??

    And finally, I see or think I see chainsaws running past me all the time, so join the club :)


  3. You have real bears in your backyard? Did I read that right? Cool homeschool experience... LOL!