Monday, January 3, 2011

Catch up, rest day - Updated

Well, we are preparing for our back to school work tomorrow, trying to find the house again under everything and trying to get well. Right now I have practically no voice, I feel better, I just sound awful. It would be nice if the cough went away too.
I'm working on our calendar for the month, we have two Lowe's workshops this month and we begin the online Lego club, a birthday party (Yay, Kid Jedi!) and we are starting a family game night with another family this month where we get together once or twice a month, rotating homes each time to enjoy quality time with friends.
We also have tons of things under the tree yet to be opened, since we've been sick, things just for fun and some things (wisely chosen by Santa (wink)) for school.
Should be a fun start to the new year!

For Kimberly and everyone else wondering what I was talking about lol.....
The Online Lego Club - Is from CurrClick and free. Its held twice a month with both days being the same lesson in the month. January's dates are Jan. 12th and 24th at 1pm central US time. The theme for January is Happy New Year. You can sign up for it using this link at CurrClick -

Lowe's Workshop - Held at Lowe's in the USA, there are two for January at 10am and they last for an hour, 1/8 a Game Box and 1/22 a Ball Toss. When you go the first time your child gets a Lowe's apron and set of goggles, name tag and a badge after the project is finished. You can find out more and sign up at your local Lowe's here -
And there is a waiver for you to print out and sign to handed in at the workshop. I believe the ages are 5-12 as well. This is a free project. 
Here are a couple of our pictures from Nov/Dec Projects.....

Home Depot Kids Workshop -  Ages 5-12 Held usually the first Saturday of the month. Times may vary with holidays but its usually held between 9am-12pm. February's project (2/5) is a heart shelf. They get a Home Depot apron and a pin.You don't have to sign up ahead of time, just show up at the local store holding it. Its also all free. 

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling better. what is an online Lego Club?

    enjoy opening your gifts!

  2. Kimberly, I added the info for the Lego club and the kids workshops into the post for you and anyone else that might be interested in them.
    I tried to comment on your blog but google won't let me do it. I'm totally impressed with your forensic's studies.

  3. What a fun day Dawn. Thank you for all the links, and the info about Lowes and Home Depot. I had heard about their workshops, but haven't planned any yet. We will have to do that soon. Thank you for linking up to our No Ordinary Blog Hop. Have a great day.

  4. Hi, newest follower. Thanks for linking up to the No ordinary blog hop. When we lived in the states we went to these work shops all the time for the kids they loved it. They don't do anything like that here in the UK.

  5. I love Currclick, I've found such great materials on there, I didn't know about the Lego Club though will have to look into that one :)

  6. Hi Dawn!
    Thanks for linking up another post to our No Ordinary Blog Hop! We have done the Lowes and Home Depot projects in the past. I didn't know about the online Lego Club. We love LEGOs. Thanks for the info!