Monday, August 2, 2010


I just got done posting my curriculum for The Red Ranger on the homeschooling page for a blog hop and I'm beat. That was a lot of work and last night I was up late putting our workbooks, curriculum into binders, BUT we are now organized!! I just have to finish putting up subject headers on our centers and to finish our revamped morning meeting boards and I think.....hmmmmm....we are good to go......or should I say HOPE we are good to go. Now that we have the file hanging pockets system worked out and our center's placed, just a few pictures for the centers to be done for the hanging folders and we are ready. So ready in fact that I think we'll start next week, 2nd grade that is, we haven't stopped working on our summer skills but I think we are ready now for the 2nd grade work to begin. Then we'll take a two week break when public schools go back and we'll enjoy places that are usually crowded, CEC/museums/zoos, with people. Of course we'll stop and enjoy some of those last summer days, if the weather is on our side, on daddy's day's off for the beach and so on.  A missed day here and there isn't going to hurt and since we are starting a unit on continent's and ocean's of the world, including life in the seas's, it works with beach trips. Collecting shell's is always a lot of fun.

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