Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve.....

At my age its just not what it used to be lol!
We have a 5 year old (almost 6) and we just aren't party animals. It's going to be a quiet evening watching a movie or something and just sharing a drink or two once the little guy is asleep.

So, I'll start with my New Year Resolutions, which I never do but I'm going to this year and tell you about the rest of today's stuff.

1. To work harder at my scrapbooking.
2. To have more "me" time for the things I like to do.
3. To complete the things I start AND finish them (in a more timely matter)!
4. To spend more times with friends....because its enjoyable and I like them!
5. To lose weight!!!
6. To continue to give our son memorable moments in his childhood.
7. To get more organized.
8. Start the 365 Project (scrapbook).

I'm starting the 365 day Project tomorrow by taking a picture and doing the same thing each and every day for the year. Then I'll scrap most of it on a weekly basis, except for holidays and so on.
Today I've actually managed to get 5 loads of laundry done, not bad for just getting out of the sick bed. I received my first paycheck in a long time so I had DH go out and buy me two of these cabinet organizers for my kitchen in my attempt to become more organized this year.
Nice feeling...earning and buying it on my own....its been a long while.

So, these are my projects for tomorrow. They aren't major furniture, but they are easy to put together with just a screwdriver, stackable, and easy to put just about anywhere. I already have two of the single cabinets and I've loved them. Now its time to start building a whole unit for my kitchen so that everything isn't all over my counters. Perhaps these will be the pictures for Day 1 of Project 365.....
Just for fun and to give you a laugh.

I've heard of Cat In The Hat but....................Cat In A Bag....................

AND....Cat In a Warm Basket of Clothes................

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.......please stay safe and warm......

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