Monday, December 29, 2008

I will say Merry Christmas.........

I orginally posted this on Dec. 12th on my Myspace page. But this page looked pretty sad and since I'm not sure what to write at the moment and since I've been sick and still am...all of the Christmas pictures are still in the camera this will have to do.......
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and will also have a Very Safe New Year!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I will say Merry Christmas...I won’t be censored...this country was founded on certain issues!
Okay, this really gets to me!

Two things have come up in the past couple of days and they are bothering me and should bother others as well.

First, I was working at my son's school bazaar, the one where they shop for their parents without parents seeing what is being bought. The kids were so cute and the other moms and I were saying Merry Christmas to them after they were done.
Then one mom said "oops, I just said Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays".

Why one earth should we have to censor how we say Merry Christmas?
Isn't the very fact that the kids are shopping in the holiday store a given that its okay to say it? Why is it offensive to say what comes naturally in a happy way?
Why are we being made to feel bad or wrong for saying how we celebrate the holiday?

This country was built on the shoulders of people who fled countries that did not allow them to worship according to their practices, freedom of religion has always been a given. If I'm not sacrificing an animal or something while practicing my beliefs then why can't I say to others "MERRY CHRISTMAS"!! They can always say "i'm sorry, we don't celebrate christmas" or whatever but why do I have to censor myself, why do any of us have to?

Second, there's a mom somewhere in this country that doesn't agree with the children singing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Her child isn't christian so she feels that christianity is being shoved down her daughter's throat during school hours. I wouldn't say that Rudolph is the song to pick on first off. Its not "Silent Night" or "Come all Ye Faithful" for heaven's sake.....and yes I said heaven's sake! If her child doesn't celebrate christmas then pull her out of the rehearsals or whatever needs to be done so that our "religion" doesn't poison her or something.
Personally, I've always believed that understanding other religions was the best way of accepting others for who they are.
Sometimes though I'm more evolved than others so maybe I'm just too far ahead to understand this. I used to work for others in retail so that they could celebrate their holidays and they worked for me. It worked out great and there weren't any hard feelings. What happened to helping each other out? Understanding? Acceptance?

I think whoever invented the term 'politically correct' needs to be drawn and quartered. We had a much better understanding of each other before we began being careful of EVERYTHING we said and did! ENOUGH already!!

I don't think Rudolph is a 'religious' song!
Get a grip on things and explain to your child about what others believe in instead of bashing the school system and suing them, schools have it bad enough and you are making it even worse. Accept others and get along, just like we tell our kids!
Let others ENJOY "their holiday" instead of making them feel guilty about it!


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