Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grrrrrr......Welcome to the land of stress...

Hello fellow bloggers,

Remember that less stress thing I was talking about...well...its not working, its not that I'm not doing my part but "stress" is overbearing, obnoxious, ill-mannered...I think you get the general idea. If nothing else that fact that I haven't posted in two months should give a much better idea. Although, I may not have posted on the blogs but our schoolwork got done.....just not anything else. SIGH -

So, here we go again......funny some tune just popped into my head and now naturally I can't get rid of it!
I can't even begin to write most of what has happened in the past couple of months but foremost is this economy we are in for sure. I've even had to seriously start using coupons again with the prices of groceries going to ridiculous levels. In 4 days awhile back prices jumped 30% and the following week they went up again! I was saying to my aunt while looking at the prices of milk and eggs that they (they being whomever is in charge) are forcing this (according to some articles) overweight, obese country of ours to lose weight by starving us! Using coupons made me think of all of the ones that I throw out because we just don't use the items or can't afford to get them anyway...LOL...
I checked with my local homeschooling group and it didn't seem anyone had started a coupon exchange and there was some interest in it so I started a yahoo group for it. There's only a couple of us but I did add some coupons that I have that have expiration dates soon and I'll be adding all of the ones that end in the month of April this weekend. Speaking to a dear friend of mine (she knows who she is...I hope...) about the coupon group she mentioned to me that the expired ones are even good for the military past the expiration dates in the PX's. What a great idea, we'll get that link up soon so that we can all send them off where they hopefully can be used. Meanwhile I'm hoping that the coupon exchange group works out, for local people we can just meet up and exchange them and for the cost of a stamp others can use what we don't.
I don't need diapers or baby items anymore but I'm sure there are plenty of people that do.

I got awards from another blogger and I haven't done anything about them, yet, but I'll be passing them along soon. The trouble will be choosing the blogs to give them too!
I'm also having tons of problems with the blog itself, all sorts of things on my page have disappeared even though the boxes are there. They just aren't showing up on the matter what I do. Sigh...again...

Here's hoping that the next couple of months are easier because I can't handle anymore stress and I'm so weary of being down all the time. Hope things are going well for everyone else!

Here's the link to the coupon group if you are interested just make sure you let me know that you follow my blog so that I accept you!
The Coupon Group 

Go check out what others are blogging about at the.....

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  1. I'm sorry these last few months have been really stressful for you :( It's great to read another post from you and "just" getting school done each day is an accomplishment so you should be proud of doing this. Yes, this economy is crazy, but good for you for taking the initiative to start a coupon Yahoo group! I wish you much success with this and saving money :) Thank you for linking up to NOBH again!