Thursday, December 16, 2010

Goodbye Dear Mattias - Praying for the Hanley Family

I sit here trying to write this while sobbing and having to stop every couple of minutes to wipe the tears from my eyes to continue.

I do not know how Dana has been able to write on her blog at all.
But my heart is telling me I must say something so I will.

In our homeschooling online community we inspire each other online without usually ever meeting each other. On bad days we search through other blogs to get us through those days and to get ideas, I had read Dana's blog enough to know the names of her children and so on.

Today, they are laying him to rest.

My heart is breaking for her and her family this week as news came to us that her son Mattias had died suddenly from what we now know was an accident in the home. As I write that last sentence my mind goes to the times that I caught my son, when he was little, using the drawers of his dresser as stairs to reach something on the top (the remote perhaps) because Mommy had told him "just a minute" heart sinks at the thought of what could have happened and did not to us...

Dana and family - I will never be able to say enough to help you, there is nothing that I can do personally to help to ease your pain.
All I can do is to sing the story of Mattias and pass it on so that others may know of him and that he touches their lives as well.

And so.....I attach the link for you to read on Dana's site, so that we can all pray for Dear little Mattias and for the whole family during this difficult time.......

Goodbye Dear Mattias......

Dana's Blog

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